When the owner of Chassis 'Dencar 10' contacted me to enquire about a custom illustration of his special car, naturally I jumped at the opportunity. This particular car was one of my earliest memories of Australian motorsport in the mid-nineties, as an inquisitive 5-year-old peering through the cyclone fencing at Oran Park.

The car in question spent much of its competitive career in the hands of Neil Crompton. Its life began GIO guise at the end of the 1993 ATCC, before being converted to the iconic Coke scheme for 1994, and then a VR cosmetic upgrade for 1995.

Not sure if I prefer the VR or VP spec more, either way they both look cool and there's no denying this was a photogenic car in each of its iconic liveries.

For this job, I depicted the car in action, and then did a series of neat side-profiles. The action illustrations are really enjoyable for me. It's drawing off-the-cuff so to speak. The aim is to capture the essence of the car, but maintain the hand-drawn vibe. I tend to use a a lot of pink in my designs, for this one it was a no brainer, the pink works so well with the red, and was an excellent base to capture the shine.

The finished pieces will be displayed in the owner's shed, to accompany the great car once fully restored.

Love your ride? Send us a message to arrange a custom illustration of your special car. Museum pieces to daily drivers, we draw them all!  


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