At over 10m in length, this is the biggest piece I've done to date. 

When Adam from New Zealand contacted me about commissioning a huge mural for his shed, I've got to say I was a bit hesitant. For starters, when you print something that big, you've got to make sure the details are all there. Any mistakes are going to appear huge! And secondly, the shape of the roofline presented some challenges for making everything fit and appear balanced.

The concept was to celebrate Holden and Brocky with two of his greatest cars, the 1984 Big Banger and the 1987 VL. Judging by what's in the shed, Adam must be a VL fanatic. Despite the controversy and car swap, I personally believe the '87 victory to be one of Brock's finest. His stint in the wet was one of the greatest examples of car control on the mountain.

There's a great sense of satisfaction to see a piece finished and a happy customer. This one was a tricky one, and we went through a few revisions to get my hand-drawn depiction of the Mountain to tie in with the cars in the foreground.

Fittingly, the artwork was installed on the 8th of September on the anniversary of Brock's passing.

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